Winona Sweet, a Folk-Rock Legend

She's not Joni Mitchell. She's not Linda Ronstadt. But, starting with her breakout album Heartbreak, which went Platinum in 1978, Winona Sweet has been one of the great singer-songwriters of the '80s and the '90s, and she continues to perform to wildly enthusiastic audiences to this day. What sets Winona apart from the other truly greats of her generation, however, is that she is fictional. She isn't real. She doesn't exist. Except, of course, as the central figure in Behr Berry's "Core Family" series of psycho-romance-mystery-sci-fi novels, the first of which is Biological Cousins: A Novel of Sex, Quantum, and Natural Selection.

You'll learn more about Winona Sweet, her physicist-husband Bob, and their rebellious grown daughter, Stephanie, when you read the free book chapters at Wattpad. Biological Cousins is also a story about Winona's two beautiful thirty-something cousins, Geena and Gail. What happened between these two and Bob nearly twenty years ago, when the girls were just in their teens and he was young Winona's new husband? Why does Bob have no memory of an encounter that changed the girls' lives? And, what will happen now, twenty years later, when the two cousins and Bob enter into a secret pact?

Behr Berry is a novelist who specializes in weaving together elements of mystery, romance, sex, and the boundary between real and paranormal science. Caution: The "Core Family" series contains mature themes and language, and is intended for adult readers only.